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Information for Presenters

Oral presentations

Each meeting room will be equipped with the following audio-visual equipment:

  • LCD Projector
  • Screen
  • laser pointer
  • Laptop with Windows 10
  • Switch with VGA cables

Speakers are requested to bring their presentation files (PowerPoint2016 or PDF format) in a USB memory stick (Type A) and preload it onto the laptop located in the meeting room. Speakers are also requested to save their presentation files as “Surname followed by initials” into the appropriate pre-named session folders pre-set on the desktop in the laptop. For example, the file name of the presentation given by Taro (first name) J. (middle name) Suzuki (surname) is “SuzukiTJ”.

Direct connection of personal laptops (with set up in the break prior to the corresponding session) is an acceptable. Speakers using a PC with HDMI output or a Mac should ensure that they bring the correct connection cable (VGA) with them.

Presenters are asked to prepare their presentations to match the allocated times which will be rigidly enforced. Allotted times, including discussion, are as follows:

  • Invited - 30 minutes
  • Oral - 15 minutes

Poster presentations

Posters will be on display in the Poster Session room (conference room 1009) with two dedicated poster sessions as scheduled in the program.

  • Poster session 1: 17:45-20:00 on Monday, October 29
  • Poster session 2: 17:45-20:00 on Wednesday, October 31

Please note that during poster sessions, authors should stand close to their boards to answer questions and facilitate discussions on their work.

Please display your poster on the board number that matches your poster number in the program before the start of your poster presentation.

Poster boards are 0.9 m (width) x 2.10 m (height) so posters should be no larger than A0 in size and formatted in a portrait design. If your poster does not fit within these dimensions, we cannot guarantee it will be displayed. Fixing material will be supplied.

You can mount your poster from 12:00 on Monday, October 29 and must remove the poster by 12:00 on Thursday, November 1. Any poster, not removed at the correct time, will be recycled.