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Aim and Scope

Conference Scope

The main theme of MMM2018 is “Toward the next twenty years; opening a new era in Multiscale Materials Modeling”. In the last twenty years, Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM) has dramatically grown and become a principal pillar of materials science and engineering through the eight landmark MMM meetings. This international conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling has inspired the fusion of the mechanics and the materials science fields from the modeling view points to yield the new methodologies and the simulation-based engineering. It has challenged in order to overcome spatial and temporal scale limitations by tackling materials complexities, synergizing modeling and experiment, strengthening multidisciplinary approaches, broadening applications of MMM, and so on. These successive conferences have been concentrating the wisdom of materials and computational mechanics scientists, mathematicians and technologists. The time has now come to overview the past developments, and then, talk our future challenges and dreams for the next twenty years of MMM; how it can change our future life.

MMM2018 brings in cutting edge studies in all aspects of materials theory, mathematics, modeling, simulation, and design, not only for developing fundamental MMM concept but also tackling more complex and practical multiscale problems directly linked to our life; fatigue, aging, corrosion, creep, wear and friction, chemical reaction, mechanics of biological and soft materials, avalanche, earth quake, energy conversion and storage, alloy and microstructure design, by tuning mechanical and functional properties, modeling complex materials, investigating materials under extreme condition and so on.